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Designation Process

MSU Community-Engaged Learning Course Designation Process

To ensure that all Mississippi State University (MSU) courses receiving the community-engaged learning (“CEL”) course designation have received appropriate support, the Center for Community-Engaged Learning (CCEL) in conjunction with MSU’s Community Engagement Committee has designed the following community-engaged learning designation process.

Obtaining the community-engaged learning course designation is strongly recommended in order to alert students to this unique experiential learning pedagogy and to formally identify community-engaged learning course opportunities within an academic department, MSU Extension, Student Affairs, or the College of Veterinary Medicine.

The approval process is as follows:

  1. Faculty seeking a community-engaged learning designation must complete the MSU CEL Designation Application online below. Please email michelle.garraway@msstate.edu if you would like a template application and rubric to review.
  2. The request is reviewed by CCEL* using the community-engaged learning course criteria as stated on the CEL Course Review Rubric.
  3. When the course is approved for the community-engaged learning (“CEL”) designation, CCEL will notify both the MSU Registrar’s Office and the faculty member regarding this approval. If approved, the searchable attribute “C” with the course section number is added to the course display on the master schedule. Additionally, on the student transcript the comment “Community-Engaged Learning Course” will be added. In the event that a request is not approved, CCEL will provide the instructor with an overview of concerns regarding the community-engaged learning requirements of the course.
  4. Faculty should allow for one month from submission to final approval and notification by CCEL.
  5. Adding the community-engaged learning course designation to a course does not require the approval of the University Course and Curriculum Committee (UCCC) as the course has already been approved by the UCCC. However, should the use of community-engaged learning pedagogy change the course more than 25% in design, a course modification will need to be completed and submitted to the UCCC. It is assumed that once community-engaged learning course designation is granted, no further approval will be needed unless the faculty member changes the course design with respect to the community-engaged learning over 25%. Faculty will ultimately decide when a request for a course modification is necessary.

  • CCEL includes the center director, program coordinator, graduate assistant, and the Community-Engaged Learning Advisory Committee (CELAC) that consists of faculty from all academic colleges and divisions of the university.

Designation Submission Forms