• Community


    MSU connects with communities across the globe. Our student chapter of Engineers Without Borders, winner of the 2019 Community-Engaged Service Award, worked with a small village in Santa Teresita, Ecuador to reconstruct and improve the water supply system for the village.
  • Engagement


    Students participate in community-engaged learning courses that offer the unique opportunity to meet academic objectives through meaningful community engagement. Dr. Ashley Vancil-Leap's class, Gender, Food and Culture, partnered with Bully's Closet and Pantry, which provides food, professional clothing, and other necessities to students in need.
  • Learning


    CCEL aims to provide students with learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Dr. David Lang's class, Forage and Pasture Crops, visited South Farm to learn more about the plants consumed by livestock.
  • Partnership


    MSU community-engaged learners collaborate with community partners. Dr. Terri Hernandez's class, Public Relations and Integrated Student Media Agency, partnered with Mercedes-Benz of Tuscaloosa to run their social media and photograph vehicles.


Spotlight - T. Malik Ross - Student

Spotlight - T. Malik Ross - Student

Senior - Business Administration (Marketing)/Pre-Law major

1. Tell us about your experiences with community-engaged learning.

After taking multiple community-engaged learning (CEL) courses, I feel confident that community-engaged coursework is the ideal learning experience for the average student. CEL takes theoretical knowledge and supplements it with real world experiences that enrich our community. Of all the classes I have taken, I find that I have no problem recalling the life lessons gained during my experience with CEL.

2. What advice do you have for other students considering a course with a community-engaged component?

If you have even "only heard" of CEL courses, take the extra step and enroll in a course. Undoubtedly, CEL courses challenge the average student perspective and foster a sense of civic duty that is unmatched with any other courses the university offers.

3. Name something that you have learned through community-engaged learning.

CEL coursework made me realize that though I am an individual, I play a larger role in the community around me and it's preservation. Volunteering within the community will give you a sense of pride and fulfillment while also providing experiential knowledge applicable to real world scenarios.

4. In what way has community-engaged learning prepared you for your future career?

CEL courses emphasize themes of leadership while working with the community partners. Among the different themes, the coordination and implementation aspect are extremely beneficial in cultivating my leadership skills.

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