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Community-Engaged Learning Scholars Program

Description: Modeled after the Service-learning Ambassadors Program at University of Alabama, MSU's Community-Engaged Learning Scholars Program is designed to build capacity while supporting community-engaged learning(CEL) instruction by selecting an exemplary CEL student who previously completed a specific CEL class and using that student as a CEL teaching assistant. CEL Scholars would be enrolled in a 3-credit hour directed individual study course designated with the section code "Cxx" and title "CEL Scholar -[existing course title for that specific course]-CEL"

Benefits: The benefits of the CEL Scholars Program include: increasing faculty support, individualizing instruction to the specific needs of the CEL course, ensuring student engagement and progress in the CEL process, improving community partner communication, and providing a deeper learning experience and metacognition for the CEL scholar.

Who Can Participate: Any MSU faculty, instructional staff, or professional staff who are currently teaching or plan to teach a CEL course can participate in this program. The CEL scholars should be currently enrolled MSU students(undergraduate or graduates).

How to Start: We suggest each instructor selects one or two exemplary students based on your prior working experience with the students. The Center for Community-engaged Learning will then host an initial meeting with both of the instructor and the prospected CEL scholar; draft a personalized plan; and provide step-by-step support throughout the experience.

If you are interested in this CEL scholars program, please contact Michelle Garraway at michelle.garraway@msstate.edu or Xi Chen at xc132@saffairs.msstate.edu