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[-] Spring 2017 Project Highlights

Spring 2017 - AIS 3813: Team Leadership in Agricultural & Life Sciences

Instructor: : Dr. Laura Greenhaw

Academic Department: School of Human Sciences

Project Description: Project Description: Since the spring of 2015, Dr. Greenhaw’s AIS 3813 Team Leadership class has partnered with the Catch-A-Dream Foundation to raise awareness of the foundation and its mission. Catch-A-Dream was founded in 2000 to provide outdoor adventure experiences to children with life-threatening illnesses. AIS 3813 places emphasis on self-assessment, team-building skills, and experiential activities in leadership. The partnership with Catch-A-Dream has allowed students to get hands-on experience working with a local organization to plan and promote events. In spring 2017, students planned and held “REELing for Catch-A-Dream”, a movie night where all proceeds were donated to the non-profit. Both the staff and students enjoy working together (as evidenced by the multi-year partnership) and hope to continue to grow this unique community-university collaboration.

Habitat for Humanity Dr. John Linhoss

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